Gym workout – whats it like in Taipei.

December 4, 2014


So yea… first post so I guess I should talk about the gym here in Taipei.

For several months I been doing Stronglifts 5×5 at a public gym in Taipei, Taiwan.

First off, this is not a worldclass gym establishment but for $1.50 a day it has enough equipment to get the job done.

Oh we do have World’s Gym franchise here in Taipei but thats only if you are incredibly foolish with your money – no squat racks there for one thing.

There are some seriously jacked guys in  this public gym and many more who do extremely dangerous, weird self-taught exercises that will land them in snapcity at any moment. DYEL’s who literally have no clue wtf they are doing.

To some other huge guys who – I honestly have no idea how they got so damn big based on food here in Taipei.Ofocurse you got your mix of “Leg’s day…never”. too.

Which of huge concern to me. You need good nutrients to get the max out of your workout and the average meal here is very small. Luckily my wife cooks very well – but on flipside of that is the cost of “western style” cooking. I also added some Whey protein into the mix when I get the need or remember to mix it up. It cost like nearly $70 for this from a Costco here… it has lasted many months in the fridge.

Strong lifts is a fantastic program and I have seen some great gains doing the program. I use to do a 5 day bro-split. Now I kinda still mix in a bro-split to change things up. At one point, about a few weeks ago I was overtraining and a severe case of depression fucked my world up. I didnt want to eat, missed my home in South Carolina and was very depressed. I stayed away from the gym for those two weeks and didnt eat much either.

Which is really, really bad for maintaining any gains. I can comfortably say that now  I am back on track with my fitness…. at 3 days a week via SL5x5 and my mixed in bro-split at random.

The problem with most fitness programs you read is… they must assume that you have the entire gym to yourself to perform the exercises. Because the gyms in Taiwan are literally packed every single day and the occupants follow not gym ettiqute at all. Re-racking weights ( never), hogging weights yes, sitting on benches and playing with their cellphone yes, just standing around taking up space… the list goes on and on. I block it out and listen to my deathmetal, hardcore mix on blast.

There are two members who weird me out: This one guy who is fucking amazing shape… I dunno… he must be on juice. The other is this weird white/asian /french looking guy… I am pretty sure he is ghey and I try and avoid being in the same area as him as much as possible. I caught him several times just starring at other dudes junk. So now, I am staring at him to make sure he is not staring at me.. and its a major clusterfuck of fail.

I haven’t said two words to either of these guys, just observe and report.

I’ll update with some pics when I can.