Ipad gainz

December 4, 2014

Installed a bunch of ebooks on my ipad that I plan on reading to completion. About 30 in total.

The plan is to finish one a week… or just delete the book if its no use to me.

It’s jailbroken, all the books are pirated. The ipad crashed horribly a few times – probably because its only 5.1 OS installed the highest it can take since its a 1st gen ipad. But it was free, so not complaining.

I’ll probably post how I fixed this fucking thing when it crashed.. something I became an expert in now. Resuscitating my ipad from death.



Old Jews telling Jokes – since me and my girl are on a joke telling kick lately.

Friar’s Club Encyclopedia of Jokes

Dirty Deeds – AC/DC bibiliography

Viva Vodka – since I got a bottle and tonic water is hard to come by here in Taipei.

self help:

The Power of Eye Contact – I need to improve this

Mini Habits – getting shit done, and being accountable


Chinese Takeout cookbook

Egg and I


Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy


Just in Case – end of the world dooms day prep guide